Ministry Business School

Ministry Business School (MBS) is an initiative of Chosen Life Christian University.  The first of its kind among Christian Universities in the world. Your EMBA can be upgraded to Honourary Doctorate degree in your choice Profession in the nearest future.

MBS is initiated to help Christian leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, professionals, employees, businesspeople obtain necessary knowledge towards expanding their careers and ministries and updating them with the latest trends.

MBS is meant to add more values to Christians and give them edge over their counterparts in the labour markets and ministry.

As the world is evolving with the latest technology, Christians must not be left behind in the scheme of things, hence the establishment of MBS.

Whether you are a business owner or employee a ministry founder, ministers or workers in the vineyard of God, our course would update you and give you better opportunity to outperform your contemporaries and increase your organization productivity.

Enrolment is on. Click here  APPLICATION FORM

Application Form – 20 USD

Course Fee          –   100 USD

Enrolment is on. Click here  APPLICATION FORM