Chosen Life Christian University held her 2nd  Convocation Ceremony


Chosen Life Christian University (CLICU) seeks to graduate culturally intelligent leaders who are prepared to serve Christ in Church and society in an increasingly complex global marketplace. The opportunity to pursue an education in a cross-cultural context presents students with a unique learning experience that ties curriculum content to practical life experiences and fosters a sense of cultural awareness and partnership in God’s work around the world.

Chosen Life Christian University (CLICU) is accredited by  Global Accrediting Network. She is a registered member of Global Affiliate for Christian Schools (GACS) Int’l Network.  CLICU is in partnership with Digital Initiative for Christian Schools (DICAS). She is an affiliate of International Fellowship of Christian Chaplains Inc. (IFCCI), League of Independent Christian Churches International (LICCI) and International Institute of Christian Theologians, Scholars and Professionals (ICTSP).

CLICU seeks to develop passionate servants of Jesus Christ by personally educating students in an educational program which emphasizes the integration of biblical truth, ministry experience, and character transformation. This emphasis pervades the entire campus as the Institution strives to cultivate a caring learning community where Jesus Christ is exalted and students are equipped for serving the needs of church and society.

Maximizing Opportunities

Admission into Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Professional and Continuing Education


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Our Students are equipped with hi-tech knowledge to be able to preach the Gospel using latest technology


Ministry Business School

Ministry Business School (MBS) is an initiative of Chosen Life Christian University.  The first of its kind among Christian Universities in the world. Your EMBA can be upgraded to Honourary Doctorate degree in your choice Profession in the nearest future.


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Take bold step and earn a certification from our prestigious University. You're just one step to becoming a certified Minister of God and a Professional Christian Educator.

Our Courses

Chosen Life Christian University (CLICU) offers ranges of courses from Diploma to Doctoral level. She assists her students become Professional Christian Theologian, Scholar, Professional and Certified Chaplain through our affiliated Institutions - International Institute of Christian Theologians, Scholars and Professionals (ICTSP) and International Forum for Christian Chaplaincy Institutions (IFCCI). There is no limit to what you can become through our University.

Undergraduate Studies


Professional Studies


Honourary Studies


Why Choose Us

Digitalized Facilities

Our courses are online friendly. You can earn your certification right from the comfort of your home or office.

Experienced Lecturers

Our facilitators are experienced educationists with years of lecturing both locally and internationally.

Digital Empowerment

Compulsorily, our students go through practical digital skills training to boost theiir career and profession.

Job Opportunities

Our affiliations and memberships with international institutions give the students better job opportunities.

What our Students say

“As an experienced pastor who loves education, I have attended bible schools both internationally and locally. The syllabus and modules of Chosen Life Christian University are very similar to secular institutions. The school fees are very affordable. The lecturers are highly competent. The learning environment is very conductive. Lectures are always interactive with practical experience from our facilitators.”
Shadrach David
“I cannot count on the number of application received to earn Honourary Doctorate degrees. But I have peace fo mind when I was introduced to CLICU. I was amazed to hear the President saying that all honourary awardees must go through online classroom to earn abridge Masters. At the end I was awarded both executive Master and honourary Doctoral degrees. This is indeed a great initiative. More gracious grace.”
Gladys Williams
“Based on my campus experience at CLICU, I have decided to earn my postgraduate degrees including professional certificationsl. The online lectures are too real and interactive to doubt. The certifications, affiliations, accreditations and memberships of this great school with regulatory bodies coupled with the methodical teaching approach employed by the lecturers have rated this School very high”
Victor Eniola