Admission into Chosen Life Christian University is very simple.  The first being ability to read and write in your native language or foreign languages. Secondly, you must be a Christian because we intend grooming Christians to become ministers of the Gospel. Thirdly, you must belong to a Christian denomination; this would help you put into practice everything you are being taught because our curriculum is 75% practical. We groom Christians to become self-independent in ministry or ministry-ventures.

Chosen Life students come from more many countries around the world who contribute to the diversity and richness of the University. Whether you are a recent high-school graduate, a college or university graduate or transfer student, or a working professional, you will find what you need here. Throughout your studies with us, you’ll have access to a variety of opportunities, tools and resources, as well as dedicated career support, to enhance your employability.

There are also a variety of initiatives and schemes aimed at helping you build your transferable skills, network with potential employers, and prepare for the 21st century ministry. You will be prepared to function very well in ministry and ministry related services.  Our University combines both spiritual and philosophical education together.  This singular discovery differentiates our students and graduates from others.  In the world where the spiritual overlaps the physical, knowledge from both arenas are needed to become extraordinary Christian and minister of God. You will surely enjoy your stay on our campuses, be it physical or virtual (online).

Our Courses

Chosen Life Christain University (CLICU) offers ranges of courses from Diploma to Doctoral level. You can also become a Chartered Theologian, Certified Christian Scholar and Professional Minister through our affiliated professional Institute. There is no limit to what you can become through CLICU.

Undergraduate Studies


Professional Studies


Honourary Studies